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SIGMA Hanging Lamp

SIGMA Hanging Lamp
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SIGMA Hanging Lamp

Melogranoblu, based in Italy, aims for a free and clear look in order to give life to an object and its atmosphere. Objects, spaces, and places take unpredictable shapes thanks to the light, perspective, and imagination of the viewer, in a synthesis of beauty, style, shape and technology. The demands of functionality often strip the design world of beauty, but Melogranoblu strives to find the
balance between poetry and practicality
by returning magic and awe to decorating.

Product Details

  • Hung from colored metallic mesh ropes.
  • Clear glass or Frosted glass.
  • Available in 4 different versions.

The HYDRA collection is composed of hand-blown clear glass and frosted glass shapes hanging on a special colored metallic fabric to create fascinating and articulately bright compositions. The ability to choose between single lights or chandeliers, and hanging a single lamp or several on a single wire allows versatility and freedom in design. The ease of installation and composition is the essence of this creativity tool: complex in appearance, but simple in reality.

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SIGMA Hanging Lamp
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